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From: Ryan Deiss & ToonChooi
Re: 10 REAL AdSense Secrets

Dear AdSense Profiteer,

Can you live off your AdSense Income?

Not to brag, but I could live off my AdSense earnings. (And even pay off some of my expensive toys.) I'm making cash from clicks every minute of the day. So much I can hardly keep up with it.

If I wanted to stop all my other online business efforts, move out to the beach, and sip exotic drinks under the sun all day...

I could do it! (Assuming my wife, would let me, of course.) :o)

The point is, I've got the sites in place, the network is there. I'm not lifting a finger and yet I'm still entering 10-20 new AdSense markets a month. (Outsourcing is very freeing.)

Not all new niche markets are profitable, but enough of them are.

It didn't start out this way. I had to hunt down and discover for myself the techniques that helped me...

Tear The Lid Off Google AdSense Profits And Start Bringing Home 5 Figures ($10,000+) Each Month

Can you really make a full time income, even $10,000 or more from Google AdSense? Yes.

And frankly, lots of us are.

Besides myself, I personally know dozens of people who are pulling in 5 figure checks each and every month. Even a couple overachievers who pull in 6 figures in that same time. (That's over $100,000/month!)

It's Not Magic! No, It's...

...the result of lots and lots of trial and error, combined with some little-known psychological sales tactics and good ol' creativity.

After years of testing, I've learned what works and what doesn't and I've narrowed it down to 10 secrets that will skyrocket any AdSense profiteer's income. (Just like it has mine.)

You don't need to be an Internet Marketing guru to take your AdSense strategies to the next level. When you're armed with the right arsenal, you can start reeling in huge 5 figure checks every month!

(And I've compiled that arsenal for you...all 10 secrets!)

Insider Tricks That Regularly Bring Me 70% and 80% Click Through Rates

These days, I wouldn't waste my time building even ONE AdSense page without the tips, tricks and tactics I've developed over the past few years. (And really, neither should you.)

Test, test, test. That's been my motto since I started with AdSense and I've discovered methods that will make your jaw drop. (I know because my marketing friends have had the same reaction.)

Even I was shocked when one stupidly simple trick made my click-through-rate jump by 11%!

In the past, the "secrets" of Google AdSense were simply common sense design tips. For example:

(1) Use the large rectangle ad box. (2) Choose a color scheme that blends in with the rest of your website. (3) Make sure the links are blue or dark blue so people know to click them. (4) Use something like Directory Generator to create a ton of pages that get you listed in the search engines.

Now don't get me wrong, these are great techniques and you SHOULD be implementing them, but the fact that people are still selling high-dollar ebooks that only include basic information like this simply makes me sick!

Those "design tips" aren't my secrets. No way. My tips, tricks and tactics are far beyond design. They're downright mouse-clicking super-magnets...

Warning: Some Of My AdSense Secrets Are So Aggressive You Must Use Them At Your Own Risk!

These aren't the tricks you're used to. Some of them are so aggressive (but so insanely profitable) that you may not even be completely comfortable using them.

They may even get your account banned. (But you're more likely to get a friendly email asking you to change your site first.)

Even so, I'm using them everyday for big profit (and without unfairly cheating advertisers). The truth is, no one who's cashing in with AdSense are strictly following Google's guidelines, and there's big money to be made for those who are willing to bend a little.

There's more.

Those of us who are cashing in on Google AdSense day-in and day-out are NOT using the same techniques you heard about last year. Like I've already mentioned, we've gone far beyond simple design tips.

Allow me to let you into the inner circle.

There are secrets, real secrets being used by me and Internet Marketing heavyweights everyday to explode the number of clicks our AdSense ads are getting. (And the amount of cash you get for each click.)

In my report, "10 REAL AdSense Secrets," you’ll discover...

3 steps to transform your AdSense business into a fast-action assembly line that cranks out profitable websites one after another on autopilot.

The stupidly simple “old school” tactic that gave my click-through rate an 11% boost. WARNING: This is a highly aggressive technique that more conservative AdSense publishers may not want to implement.

Why you could be losing money every time someone clicks on your AdSense ad

The real secret to getting an edge in the SEO game (and no it isn’t linking)…

The one AdSense“enhancement” that you should avoid like the plague. (Chances are you’re using this feature and you don’t even know it.)

How to earn cash with "navigation links."

How to cash-in from niche markets even if you SUCK at "niche detective work." i.e. Finding which niches will bring a profit.

The first (and most powerful) piece of advice I give to anyone who tells me they're not making enough money with AdSense (because they're usually guilty of the #1 most common AdSense mistake. Are you?)

Up-to-date tactics that are pulling in clicks and profits like crazy right this second. (Forget the so-called, "Hot Trends" that used to work, but have lost their effectiveness.)

How to get huge keyword lists generated for you dirt cheap (just like I do, I pay $8 per thousand keywords!)

Little-known keyword tactics that will bring you WAY more traffic than your buddies are getting.

A genius keyword service that's too valuable too even mention, but I may (big emphasis on may) be able to get you in.

My highly-aggressive content technique that allows me to regularly hit Click-Through-Rates as high as 70%-80%!

2 tricks for getting listed in search engines without "muddying" your AdSense pages with distracting content.

The truth about "cloaking" and Google. (If you've been mislead in the past, you've been missing out on tons of profits.)

How to force popular software programs like Directory Generator, Traffic Equalizer, and Metawebs to create pages that generate stampedes of AdSense clicks. There's just one small but clever tweak you need to make.

6 words that ethically persuade visitors to click your AdSense ads (without outright telling them to, which is against Google's policies).

A popular HTML tag (you probably use all the time) that will "highlight" your AdSense ads and make your click-through-rates soar.

Clever headlines that practically force visitors to click without actually saying so (very aggressive, very profitable).

And much, much more...

Armed With These 10 Secrets, Even
Your Dog Could Pass The $10,000
AdSense Barrier!

It's not that your dog is an Internet Marketing Superstar in the making, it's just that... secrets are so aggressive, and so powerful, they work almost by themselves.

You can't mess them up. Simply apply my tactics to your AdSense business - then take a step back and watch three things happen:

Your traffic will explode when you funnel in ALL potential searchers. (If you don't use these keyword tactics, you can't compete!)

Your click-through-ratio will skyrocket to levels you never thought possible (like my usual 70% and 80%)

Your earning-per-click will quadruple! (I hate 10 cent clicks!)

Once you let my report, "10 REAL AdSense Secrets..." tweak your AdSense business, you may find bringing home $10,000 from AdSense each month to be too easy!

If You Don't Want To
Miss The Boat Next Month... better jump on this chance to get all 10 REAL AdSense secrets immediately.

Right now, there are only a select few of us using proven, scientific tactics to force click-through-rates to jump. To boost your earnings per click. To funnel visitors to your site faster than ever before.

But when you know the secrets, you too can use these proven tactics to break the $10,000 AdSense barrier!

These tactics are as scientific as universal laws. It doesn't matter who's using them, they work. If I'm using them to make $10,000+ per month, so can you.

Now listen, I didn't trump this report up with a bunch of unnecessary screenshots. A bunch of unnecessary or obvious "tips" to stretch out the length of the report - just so I could charge you more.

I kept it brief. Brief but powerful. Plus, the only place I've EVER revealed this information before was at a $5,000 per seat seminar! That's how guarded I've been.

But now that I've packed these 10 secrets into a dynamite downloadable report, I'm ready to give you a huge discount.

While you're used to paying $97, I'm not even going to charge you $37! Instead, you can secure your copy of "10 REAL AdSense Secrets..." for just $9.97.

Fast Action Bonus : Confessions Of An Adsense Girl

adsense secrets

"Confessions Of An Adsense Girl" was developed from all the "make money with adsense" questions Liz got at the Adsense Article System Blog.

She took the 60 top questions, and answered each one of them in detail to help people to start making money with Google. I’ve never seen anyone give this much information on the topic of making money with Google Adsense so learn and enjoy



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